Since I’m the most passive traveler ever, it took me over a year to take a free day from work, buy a bus tickets and go a bit more than 400 km from my hometown. I wanted to visit Warsaw because it seemed like a bigger version of Vilnius: more space, more people, more places. And everything cheaper, most probably.

Warsaw old town was number one on my “to see” list, which, by the way, was super touristy. Not much words needed: absolutely beautiful old town, a true must see while visiting. The Palace of Culture and Science, raw but beautiful, is almost like an Eifel tower: it feels that you can see at least the top of it from any corner of the city. As a true tourist, I went to Lazienki park, which is a great place to take a walk, however, I was lucky enough to get there when it was pouring. And i cannot forget mentioning Copernicus sciene centre, which is absolutely amazing.


DSC_0412If you have so many zloty you can’t fit them in your wallet, a great place to shop is Warsaw sneaker store. There was only one word in my head when I went there: right. They are doing it right. Starting from the sneaker shaped door knobs (maybe it’s too much for someone, but I think it’s kinda cool) and ending with staff looking so fly, that you really want to ask for their help and hear their advices. And be their best friend, ha ha. I loved that it had a huge range of sneakers (I believe it’s quite huge when there is a separate wall for Jordans only) and clothes, beautiful interior and hip hop music playing, which suited stores vibe perfectly.


DSC_0431DSC_0433Spent only few days in this city, but really looking forward to make another short getaway at the summertime. What would you like to see in Warsaw and where would you go for your getaway weekend?

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