This spring I visited Warsaw for the first time: few days in the city clearly wasn’t enough to taste everything it had to offer. So trip #2 was all about more digging: not only for beautiful views, but for vinyls and books as well.

Thanks to my partner in crime, we visited some of the cutest little (and not that little) vinyl stores. Probably the best one was SideOne – tiny vinyl place that can easily leave you broke: you will find everything starting with Kaytranada and ending with some Old School cats. You will also find the most lovely sales person in the whole Warsaw vinyl world.




What we found in Vinyl Tamka is the smell of times when our moms used to dance twist. Big, but left us with empty hands. Located in raw but beautiful inside yard tho.


Now MuzAnt is the kingdom of some old rock stars. Huge vinyl store with no air. Perfect place to find some funk/soul/jazz vinyls for veeeeery generous prices. If you are a guy, come with a cute girl with a nice smile and those old rock stars might give you a discount, ha ha


Another place that will simply make you give your whole wallet to the salesperson is Asfalt Shop. Located on the 2nd floor of a really nice bar this shop has everything you want: from Joey Badass, Mick Jenkins to Slum Vilage, ATCQ etc.The only thing I regret is not grabbing a quick bite at that stylish bar downstairs after we left with tone of vinyls in our hands.


Talking about book stores, I had a sudden crush on Super Salon. Not as big as I expected, but has the best selection of fashion and lifestyle magazines (Highsnobiety, Cereal etc.) and books about streetsyle, sneakers and pretty much everything. Cozy, minimal and in style.


If any last words are needed there are some: inside yards and Chmielna.




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