Is there anything better than waking up on a rainy Sunday morning, snuggling in a cozy jumper and strolling in Sunday markets with your friends? Yes, there for sure is. But our case wasn’t too bad as well. First thing we did was vinyl shopping at cute inside yard in the city centre. Shitty weather kinda killed the mood to buy something, but I would say it was quite successful: now we have The Kool and the Gang vinyl and it really is fresh.

After that we visited another market type of thing: Gatvės bazaras. Nice street art, chats, flea market and, the most important, foooooood. I’m really lucky: when you are a piece of crap like me, it’s amazing that there are more pigies who would do anything for a juicy burger, so the day in the city ended with great burgers from Keule ruke. Well, to be exact it eneded with three pigs on a couch watching old videos from Youtube and listening to vinyls. No regrets.