I’m nosy. If there’s a chance for me to dive into your closet, especially if it’s a closet full of sneakers, boy oh boy I’m doing it. So this post is for everyone who can relate to my illness. Or everyone who has those few special pairs and feels like a proud parent. Somehow.

Let’s get straight to the point. Let’s talk about Jordans. No, I wasn’t a huge fan of basketball, Michael Jordan and all that. I was a fan of french hip hip dancers, who had the weirdest style ever: they used to wear pants backwards and keep kneepads on their ankles. They also rocked Jordans pretty much all the time. So I just needed to get em’. That’s the mindset you have when you’re a teenager.

I grew out of love for my former idols, but still love Jordans: I’m down for basketball shoes, especially when it relates with MJ who is basically the best. I bought Air Jordan III about 3-4 years ago, and the only thing I regret is not taking a bigger size. For now it is my one and only pair of Jordans (I guess I just made it clear what makes them special) but I hope my next pair will be Air Jordan VI. Because I double it, baby.

Air Jordan III Wolf Grey

When I was taking pics of these Reeboks, I got scared. I came to realisation that my most favourite pair of kicks is not that white anymore, needs to be glued in some parts and its short life will face its sunset really soon. I got these Reebok Classic Leather x Face Stockholm few years ago while working at a sneaker shop. I loved the black and white contrast and felt like black patches makes such a statement. These shoes are the most comfortable shoes ever. EVER. They go with everything. EVERYTHING. I literally took care of these like it was a baby, but I have to admit, during the warm season I rock em’ pretty much everyday. The hell will froze over, but there is no way I will ever throw them out.

By the way, fun fact: Face Stockholm is a make up brand, and these shoes cost a little bit more than three Face Stockholm lipsticks. I set my priorities right.

Reebok Classic Leather x Face Stockholm

Now let’s talk about these bad boys. Reebok Instapump Fury Road “Chinese New Year”. For sure the craziest pair that I own. I would have never bought em’, but working at a sneaker store has its perks. The whole team got a present from Reebok, and I sayed YES to these because I knew it’s my only chance to get something crazy. And I’m glad I did: these Reeboks made me feel more comfortable about making crazy decisions and go for eye-catching kicks. And it really saves your time since you don’t have to tie the shoes laces, ha ha (I also don’t pump em’, because they are perfectly fine as they are, maybe I have chuby feets, I don’t know).

Another fun fact: this release is dedicated to the Year of the Monkey and if you look closely, you can see reversed monkeys face on the front. And I think we all know who is the real Monkey here, he he.

Reebok Instapump Fury Road “Chinese New Year”

Now you just MUST share your most special kicks with me. Yes, I set the rules here <3