While I was visiting Berlin, I thought to myself that this blog post will be visual only, because city speaks for itself: there is a part of history on every corner, street art hides meaningful message and the beauty of this city is simply uncut diamond.

I expected Berlin to have raw spirit, so coming here in January only made the roughness of this city more special. The whistles of train railings, misty mornings, grey buildings which become alive because of the colorful paintings – make sure you wear reaaally warm clothes and get your butt here in winter if you want to experience how imperfectly perfect this city is (imperfectly perfect? The level of cheesiness is too damn high).

There is not much to say: the thing I was most looking forward to was street art and raw places, so this post is definitely dedicated to all that. I’m so sick of pink, cotton candy smelling pictures which capture only the most beautiful parts of any city, and I hate the fact that people ignore rough, even unpleasant views wich (whether they like it or not) exist everywhere. Pictures I took are reality, and I find this reality so damn beautiful. Berlin made me keep it REAL.

This is how I see it.

While I was writing this post and looking through pictures, I realised why I love this blog so much: it makes me relive the happiest moments again and again. Cheers to having amazing travel companions and simple things that brings so much joy <3 (emotionally wiping tears). By the way, I forgot the fact that it’s 2018 already, and I hope this year will be filled with travels and adventures for all of us! (emotionally wiping tears again, ha ha)