I remember the day when I went to a job interview for a sneaker shop. When I was asked if I can call myself a sneaker expert, I had to be honest: I’m definitely not an expert, but I really am a big fan of sneakers.

I don’t think I will ever be able to call myself an “expert” (don’t like this word), because there is a huuuge gap between me and true sneakerheads who know everything or almost everything about the sneaker culture. It’s nice to call it a culture, because there is so much history behind every pair of sneakers.

I haven’t read or watched much about kicks, but the book I’m about to talk is so far the best sneaker read I ever had. There is not much about who and when designed one or another pair of kicks (there is enough tho), but the book is filled with many inspiring, funny, and never before heard stories.


In the introduction author Jason Coles admits, that his passion for sneakers is a relatively new thing in his life. He had never given them much of a thought until he learned about Rudi and Adi Dassler and fell in love with all the stories behind the shoes. However, the research in this book is quite brilliant and really well made. Oh, and for those who are curious what are the authors favourite kicks: the back cover of the book spills that he is rarely seen out of adidas Superstars. Who is surprised?

Talkin about those never before heard stories (at least for me), did you know the story how name Blue Ribbon Sports was created? This one got me smiling. Apparently, while Phil Knight was in Japan, he made an appointment with executives of Onitsuka Company, where he introduced himself as a representative of Blue Ribbon Sports: a name some say he made up on the spot and was inspired by the blue ribbons that hung on his bedroom wall (running achievements). Ohers say he remembered the name of the beer he was drinking the night before – Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Funny fella.


Apart from really interesting stories, the amazing thing about the book is that you don’t have to be into sports to absolutely enjoy it. I was so hooked up by the stories of Steve Prefontane, Smith and Carlos and many others. Haven’t even finished the whole book yet, because I simply don’t want it to end. Great book, great kicks, the greatest athletes.

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