Dear Ghosts,

it’s been a freaking while but it is 13th of November, I’m starting to look for Christmas decorations and I’m like hey: why not sharing some summer moments because nobody gives a f*ck?

So here is a little summer diary for my massive crowd who missed new posts sooo much (nobody missed it).


Me and my partner in crime stayed in the Capital of South Italy (also known as Puglia) – Bari. Most people say that it is city that is not worth seeing and I get their point: Bari wasn’t our main goal, but I would strongly disagree that there is nothing to see. The old town of Bari is charming: narrow streets, white buildings, palms and flowers. However, half of the day is pretty much enough to explore the city. Any highlights from Bari? Pizza. During all week that we stayed in South Italy we ate the best most delicious glorious pizza exactly here.


If you love turquoise water and clifs (and I know you do, who doesn’t?) you MUST visit this tiny pearl of Adriatic see. If you don’t believe me, believe some legends who participate in Red Bull Cliff Diving series, which had taken place in Polignano a Mare. Google it. All in all, this place has charming beaches, beautiful old town and the most perfect summer vibe.


This white city is known for being designated as UNESCO World heritage site, and is worth seeing but… Tourism really changes the face of this magnificent place. The uniqness of Alberobello are white trulli houses made of dry stone. Why dry stone? The reason is very romantic: people wanted to avoid taxes because back in XVII century there was some kind of law about it. Cool, huh?


The best Italian vibe was hidden in this place: again, blue waters, cactuses, flowers and tiny white streets full of hanging laundry and smell of Ariel. The beaches here were great: kids kicking football in your head and fat mothers calling their little Luigis and Giuseppes out of the water. Nah, for real, loved it <3

Any advice on the best summer destinations?